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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Now Club Asteria has new banners and logo

Hi Everyone,

Club Asteria is becoming more determine.  They believe in themselves more. Now more people become their members.
They are here to stay.  They will stay for a long time.  Their campaign for one million members in five years is true. I am sure they can.

Their marketing  is consistent.  They keep telling us good news.  To them, news is important ingredient to educate members.  You have to first click and read their latest news before able to proceed in your club member area. That serious, huh? Yes indeed.

Ever since I joined in, I have seen, the club has taken actions after actions in making good marketing.  This consistency is making us feel that the club is well alive and kicking.  Their physical hygiene and their morale are high.

Look at their new branding now:

They are aggressive for a reason, that is, in helping others, the families of the world.  The club founder, Andrea Lucas (the former Director of the World Bank) has shown us the way how a good club has to be.

Action Oriented, Consistent Marketing and A Solid Foundation on Trust 
Let us join hands and be part of this marvelous effort by Andrea and her group.  After all, the club is to improve our standard of living steadily towards financial freedom......Woalah Yum Yum!!

Thanks Everyone

Have a wonderful Day

Zul Md Noor

Friday, August 13, 2010


ViralBlast.Com at a Prelaunch Status

Hi Everyone,

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To your success,
Zul Md Noor

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Do you want to retire early?

Hi Everyone

I have finally found something with total credibility and overwhelming potential. You know I do not get excited about this stuff very easily, but this has proven to be amazing! You have to read to the end if you really want a huge income

It is all about giving us financial independence with a fast – sure-fired success formula.

1. The CEO, Andrea, is a Former World Bank Director and HELL BENT on helping others.

2, THEY SHARE 75% OF THEIR EARNINGS WITH ITS MEMBERS! In fact, we are paid each and every week. No waiting around. It just automatically pops into our account.

3. We also get added commissions, bonuses and benefits just for participating in the Club.

The company is called CLUB-ASTERIA. It’s GREAT and I LOVE IT!

Andrea, CEO, has spent two decades in the developing world and has an affinity of helping people.

As I am sure you will agree, it is a great cause of solving global problems, but it doesn’t stop there. All of us can participate in this and make money together.

One more thing – you can start making money right away by simply telling others about this great service. On top of the weekly commission, they share 50% of the membership fees with the person who introduces new members to Club Asteria. It’s phenomenal how easy this is – all we have to do is send them the names and addresses of our friends, family and acquaintances and they take care of everything else – you just collect the money week after week after week!

Invite 10 friends – your annual income could be $600 to $1,200 depending on the membership level your friends choose; invite 50 friends – you could make $6,000! Now, that’s quite a chunk of money that you don’t have to work for! PLUS add the weekly Commission Run – WOW

So, do yourself a big favor – Go To http://cashontrack.com/clubasteria and join!

Read more: http://cashontrack.com/cumada

I promise, you will absolutely love it – Once you join, I will show you how you can virtually retire within 18 months.

I’m sure you’ll have some questions. Let me know, and I’ll be happy to help out.

Your friend
Have a Wonderful Day
Zul Md Noor

PS: Be sure to watch the videos on the site. Click on the main Picture to meet the CEO and then watch the two videos to the right of the Leaders Board.