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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

4GI pays 4 bonuses & residual

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You can earn 4 Generation of Bonuses from 4GInifinity:

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

SWOM OH SWOM: what are you waiting for?

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Have a wonderful day
Zul Md Noor


Monday, June 7, 2010

Where would you invest if you have $1000?

This question was asked many times before. Of course, everyone is thinking of how to make money grows.

The honest answer is invest on yourself. Pick up a good institution to learn the business skill. The skill that can make you marketable or lifting up your capability to start a good business.

Learn to interact with people and listen to your business mindedness fellows. Learn to deal with various customers. Learn to write proper letters, emails and blogs for online. Learn the logic of finance, and how to leverage income even your capital is small.

Maximize profits. A small business that won't require much initial cost but high returns. You can make your choice after acquiring the business skill.

Learn it when you are still young, having the urge to excel. Sky is no longer a limit. In fact it is a new frontier.

The glamor in life is not of having a lot of money. It is having it 20 years ahead of time when you are just in early 30's. It is called a breakthrough.

This is the stage of your life that you have a lot of commitments:

Upbringing family. Enjoy life with them. Have a good home with comfort. Send children to good school. Take them for holidays.

You have a financial freedom at mid stage of your life. Smart way to make a breakthrough is to trust your knowledge and creativity.

The best work for you would be the one that " money will be looking" for you, no matters where you are and even when you are asleep.


Have a wonderful day

Zul Md Noor


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Choose Financial Freedom using MMT

How about creating income that never stopped? How about getting paid from various sources? How about learning to leverage on someone? How about leverage your money, then???.

Well, whatever you want to do, don’t trade your time for money. Working for someone else means someone is leveraging on you. Working 9 to 5 desk work is not a freedom.

The security of job is an illusion as well. Working for someone else has never been a way of a job security. Not a financial freedom on the actual fact.

A freedom is where you can do with your life. Anytime and anywhere you want it for yourself. Just like me now. It sounds like not working at all. It just feels like a hobby that earns. But it is true. That’s how individuals become wealthy. Many people forget that “Networking” is a way to achieve your dream.

Understand the concept of creating a network and leverage them. You can,then be anywhere, but earning handsomely. You will not be tied up or tied down, whatever you want to call it. Be your own boss.

Let see at this program:


Have you seen it? Have you visited the site?

If you work hard for three years, you can earn as much as other people getting paid a life time, say 30 years. That is smart. All your income (major and residual) will soon be on auto pilot looking for you. And your work would be auto cruised all the way.

“You Have Controlled Your Own Destiny”.

Have you clicked to see what the program can offer you? Tell me what you see in this program!


Have a Wonderful Day

Zul Md Noor