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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

SWOM: Social Professional Network... No 1

Today, let me be straight to the point. Swom is the most popular paying Social Media Program that nobody can deny.

Swom pays gold members well. Swom pays you $15 on Instant Bonus (IB) when your referral upgraded to gold. Swom will keep paying you $5 a month of Residual Income (RI) per referral if your referral continues to be gold on following months.

Besides that swom pays you for interactions amongst members by means of Community Points (CP); converting to dollars during your payday on the 10th of every month. As for the last payment, 4950 points made $24.95, the amount for the monthly subscription.

Other source of income in swom is Gold Evangelist (GE). You will be paid in term of shares; converted into dollars.

To some members, referrals can be difficult to obtain, but never mind you can still easily make $50 or more through CP and GE if you work for it.

The formula for income SE = IB + RI + CP + GE

Where SE is Swom Earning, IB is Instant Bonus (from referral), RI is Residual Income (from referral), CP is Community (from interactions and contacts) and GE is Gold Evangelist (encouraging free members to upgrade).

Let say you have 10 gold referrals for the month:
Your potential income would be: SE = (10x$15) + (10x$5) + $50 (CP and GE) = $250 (that was about my first month earning).

The RI will be included in your next month accumulated income, you don't have to worry of any payment to swom anymore.

I know that there are members who have more than 600 referrals. Can you imagine their income if the number of gold referrals is more than 100?

You can be that member if you work for it from now. Because.....Swom is going to stay for a very very long time and has become a darling to 50,000 members

Join in now and see your potential earning grows: http://bit.ly/zulsom

Look at the report of swom:


Have a Wonderful day
Zul Md Noor

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