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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pay Tributes to Members on their Sacrifices

Pay Tributes to  Members on their Sacrifices 

I want to share this experience.

I have led Club Asteria for more than 7 months. 
My Group is global; international. 
My total "Direct Referral" is  more than 100. I have 50 active members. 
Number of referrals at every level is now over than 300 people ... .. 

This club is sensational.
It brings  many benefits to members. 
The club is the source of their income.  

Every Friday is  a payment day.  
The total payment is according to the total asterios (points) they have. 

Today I want to say something about the sacrifice of my referrals.  

They do not joined in alone.
They invited friends and relatives to join as well. 
They sponsored and paid for their children.
 They sponsored and paid for their parents too. 

Some even paid for their younger brothers and sisters. 
Some paid for their wives. 
Some paid for their husbands.
Some paid for their nieces and nephews. 

There are members who paid for their good friends. 
There are bosses who paid for their staff. 
A good incentive scheme for  their staff's dedication at  work. 

This Benevolent act is becoming a Culture.... 

This is a healthy culture that spreads well.  
I am a witness to this because I was frequently consulted. 
Today, I felt the warmness of these sacrifices. I felt touched 

An Aunt financed her niece to be a gold special in Asteria Club. 
(a gold special is when a person purchases $250 or more of asterios upon upgrading)
She accumulated her US Dollars from hers and her children alertpay's accounts to accomplish it.  

This is the occasion (of sacrifice) that triggered me dearly to write this note. 
Well, everyone, it is not too late to join Club Asteria.  

100% match bonus offer is valid until the end of February 2011. 
So, the opportunity still exists for this special offer. 

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May you be always blessed 

Thank you