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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Are You in Debt?

Borrowing money? That is the one thing you have to avoid. Even if you you want to, you must find ways to avoid. Life will be easier and more enjoying without debts.

If you borrow from banks or any financial institutions, they will think of making money out of your loan (debt). If you can’t furnish the monthly payment, they may confiscate something that belongs to you. It is their business to do that.

If you borrow from shark loan, it can cause a threat to you and family. This is at all cost where borrowing must be avoided. Life will be a nightmare with them.

Borrowing money from parents, relatives and friends can cause strain to your relationship with them. So why borrow, if it is not absolutely necessary.

Build your own business. Start small, but think big. Be patience and passion. Work for it. Anything you believe, you will achieve it. Put your effort and time together with your whole heart.

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