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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

SWOM....Proof of Payment

This email came from swom to meet as proof of payment. Please read to know more

Hi Zul,

We've just paid commissions in May to all Gold member

Congratulations to those of you who have worked hard and
done so well this month.

The Swom Community is flourishing into an amazing network
of like-minded people, all having a great time while they
earn and learn!

42,000 networkers and COUNTING!

Just 69 days since launch, Swom is growing at such a
RAPID pace... you are now part of the No. #1 social network
for marketers.

Remember to tell everyone about Swom. Here is your
referral link:

We now have over 1,000 testimonials (lots waiting to be
reviewed... bear with us!)

Isn't that incredible? :)

Remember to keep telling everyone you know about
Swom, put it in your email signature, facebook profiles etc.

Create fan groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, and BLOG
about Swom!

More improvements on the way!

In the next month we've got some exciting features we're
working on that will provide more training on how to
promote Swom and your other top opportunities.

If you know people that are in the world of marketing and
is still not part of Swom - give them your referral link!

Keep Swommin'

Jack Whitehall

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