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Monday, October 11, 2010

4U2 Retire

I am Zul from Malaysia, a network director of Club Asteria; a profit sharing referral based membership organization. The club immensely helps my earning. It is growing bigger and bigger by weeks.

In less than two months, I have earned $1400, way above my initial expenditure. All incomes from now on, is profit, profit, profit; just like getting weekly wages or monthly salaries (but aha...by not actually doing 9 to 5 job).

It all started when I upgraded to gold (paid $19.95) and purchased asterios (points).

Network Directors secure their positions when they purchased a minimum of 1000 asterios (value for $1000). If the purchase is within 14 days of the registration, there will be a 100% match bonus.

This is to say; good news to the purchasers: buy one get one free. Many have taken this golden opportunity. It speeds up weekly income and leveraging it. Straight away, it starts the new era of continuous weekly earning, even without referral at all.

Please look at the table of projected income (the real strength of this profit sharing program):

(Note: This is a profit sharing program. Expected weekly fluctuation to payment is between 8% to 10%).

Of course, you will have other perks, depending on your effort.

1). You will earn $9 per referral upgraded to gold and $4.50 for silver.

2). So, if you have 10 gold and 4 silver direct referrals, the earning for a month would be: (10x$9.00+4x$4.5=$108.00) per month. Yes, it is true. I got paid for that.

3). You will get 10% of when your referral purchase products of asteria, including the purchase of asterios. And I can tell you this is big income.

4). You will enjoy library of ebooks and many other things that are exclusive to members.

5), The network directors will also earn Gross Monthly Income to unlimited deep from their down lines.

For those who would not wish to be a network director:

They can start with the purchase of 300 asterios upon registering and gain 100% match bonus. They don't have to pay anything else to maintain the monthly fees because the earning would straight away be more than twice the subscription in four weeks; hence going towards a steady increase in asterios to the highest level of 20,000 in about 12 to 15 months.

The club is planning to have I million members in five years. This would be good news because your income will continuously be generated for you to retire early.

So, please help yourself by joining the club, preferably every member of your family, just like I am doing now. Promote this program to help the poor and yourself.

And see my blog:

Zulmdnoor (skype id)

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