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Monday, October 18, 2010

Singing to the Bank While You're Watching

Yes, I will sing,  "Singing to the Bank"

We meet here again and again, thanks a lot.

But this time I will speak from my heart. My words radiate from my heart, just to help others.

I am a network director of the club.  So let me be straight forward, then.

If you are looking forward for the residual income upto 350 usd per week,

and payment is weekly without fail,  en you should be in my team for the Club Asteria.

As simple as that.

I have earned over 1600 usd in 11 weeks.

But soon this amount will be per month as my points (asterios) are on a steady increase to 20,000 points maximum.

At the moment they are at 6500 points, and yet, I have already earned that much; 500 over profit.

From now on, it is profit, profit, profit to infinity, for the rest of club's life. say 5 years

Yes, I am not going to sing, "dancing in the rain",, but singing, "laughing to the bank".

This time, I won't give my direct link.  I am giving you my blog to read.


Use your imagination. There are so many of my banners in there.

I am not pressuring anyone to join  me because I have enough.

Four of my families are members, that means in 3 years, our accumulated income would be 200,000 usd or MORE.

But If you join me, let say you want to, I will make sure you be successful as well.

My skype id is zulmdnoor88

My Malaysia handset is 60192305340

what else you want,

oh yes, my email: zul88mmt@gmail.com

I am on the mission to help the less fortunates and you. AND YOUR FAMILY TOO

So what are you waiting for?


Have a Nice Day

Zul Md Noor

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